Product care & advice

Tips to extend the life of your luxury furniture.

With some extra care, your furniture will continue to attract admiring glances for that little bit longer. Just follow a few simple steps to care for your new furniture:

- On delivery

- Leather care and creases

- Sofas day-to-day care

- Making it last

 On delivery

- please allow some space for the delivery people to manoeuvre your furniture into the desired position
- have a quick check of your new item once unpacked to make sure you are completely satisfied before the delivery team leave
- make sure the legs are attached securely
- if you have wooden or tiled floors we would recommend felt or rubber pads on the feet of the sofa to protect your floor and make it easy for you to move the sofa whilst cleaning

NB: Leather and fabric sofas with feather wrapped foam may be slightly flat or creased so please fluff the upholstery and the cushions to smooth out any marks as a result of the packaging.

Leather care and creases

When your new leather sofas arrive you may see some slight creasing or marking on the sofas due to packaging. This may or may not be apparent.

This may be slightly more prevalent in the Top Grain leather sofas because it is 100% hide, unlike Genuine or Faux leather. Because the hide is 100% natural and extremely soft and supple, there is no way of entirely eliminating all potential for this issue. Please do not worry as this can be easily rectified. Removing creases requires gentle heat to allow the leather to spread out so the wrinkle can disappear.


1. set the iron steam to off position
2. locate a clean cloth and place over the crease, then gently glide over the crease 4-5 time and examine
3. if the crease is not gone, repeat again until the crease is not noticeable
4. use caution and medium heat, do not press too hard and for too long.

This will eliminate 99.9% of creases and wrinkles.

Sofas day-to-day care

- try to plump and turn the cushions occasionally, to help reshape your cushions, extending their natural life
- remove dust with your vacuum’s upholstery attachment, try to avoid brushing fabric covers as this can damage the pile
- fixed covers should be cleaned professionally once a year, NB: make sure that covers are all cleaned together as some minor colour variance may occur after cleaning
- if you spill something on the upholstery blot this out with baby wipes if you have them or a damp cloth, try to avoid hard detergents as this may not only clean, but discolour the fabric.

Less is more, but any attempt at cleaning should be carried out as soon as possible after any spill

Making it last

- try to keep your furniture away from direct sunlight, heat or air conditioning ducts
- try to avoid overexposure to sunlight as this may cause fabrics and leather to fade
- wipe your leather sofas with a damp cloth and mild soap occasionally
- please avoid leaving newspapers on your furniture for too long as the ink may stain your sofas
- if you have a light coloured sofa, in particular pale leather, please be aware that colour from denim and non-colour fast clothing can transfer to your furniture causing discolouration.