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Our concept

More for Less or Less for More - It’s your choice!  

When you buy an expensive sofa or product, you’re buying more than just the down-filled cushions, luxury fabric or pocket sprung units. Behind every sofa from high-end companies like famous Italian brand names or high street chains is a network of high-rent showrooms and warehouses, a big-budget ad campaign and often a big-name designer. It also has be sold to a retailer who takes an extra cut before it reaches the customer.

Is it any wonder these cost a premium?

It is possible, however, to produce a sofa or product close to the same quality and even design, for a fraction of the price.

Luxury for Less ?

We find quality manufacturers with excellent products and materials and focus on a great product for a great price.

  • Buy direct from factory and make on demand
  • We cut out the middlemen
  • Do business online
  • Save costs by marketing online and having less overheads
  • We have a store showing key products from most of our makers
  • With savings of up to 60% off equivalent specification and design
  • Free returns if our claims don’t stack up or it doesn't work out

What’s the drawback ?

  • It can take up to 9-15 weeks – because the goods come from where we find the best price v quality
  • You can’t see all the products necessarily

 If you really need it now and want it now then that costs more money.

With a little planning, substantial sums can be saved !  

How does it all work ?

  • Orders are placed weekly based on customer orders
  • You have an account with us online, login 24/7 to view your details
  • Batches of orders are grouped and shipped
  • Customers receive notifications of when the goods are being made, ready and shipping, finally to delivery. Order tracking is available online.
  • Free returns policy if you’re not completely satisfied
  • With a 10 Year guarantee

Many thousands of customers have saved with Delux Deco. If you would like to know more about a product or details or anything for that matter, give us a call and we can explain. We have many years of experience and we only wish that our customers are happy with their choice. 

We don't adopt high pressure sales tactics, because we dont need to - our products speak for themselves. 

If you would like to know more email or call us on 0845 1283456