Order tracking

- Tracking your purchases
- You've placed an order - What happens next?

Tracking your purchases

When an order is placed with us you will automatically have an account. You can login at any time and request a new password at any time. Alternatively, you can create an Account or Login to view the tracking information.

You've placed an order - What happens next?

Delivery times range from 2-15 weeks and as indicated on each product however for longer delivery times of 9-15 weeks, please see details below of the updates you will receive.

When an order is placed the status is set to "Processing". This can last for several days or a week or two ( 1-2 weeks ) and on some occasions a few days more. This is dependent on the available capacity of the relevant manufacturer and the timing of our order cycle. Your order is placed and production is commenced with suppliers as soon as possible.

The next status is "in Production" and this can be 3-4 weeks.

From this point, we arrange for goods that are already manufactured to be scheduled into shipments and the status is set to "Ready to Ship". This is sea freight from the far reaches of the world and not to be confused with delivery. This period can be up to 2 weeks.

The most important status is "Shipping" because your goods are now on a confirmed vessel and will arrive with our logistics partner in approximately 4-5 weeks. NB: We quote arrival dates which are ETA and this may vary a few days here or there because of variables such as weather or UK customs requirements. This usually falls on schedule, but please allow for some degree of latitude regarding specific arrival dates.

The final status is "Delivery" and this can take 2-3 days - up to 2 weeks dependent on where you are based. It currently takes slightly longer for Northern Ireland, Scotland and more remote parts of Wales. This may result in an additional 1 week delivery time to these locations. London deliveries are mainly at the weekend.

Please note: We operate a system that is designed to deliver you the absolute best value possible. We make every attempt to get the goods to you as soon as possible and we are always seeking ways to have more goods arrive quicker for our customer’s convenience. Most of our orders are around 12-14 weeks.

Faster delivery 2-3 Weeks

Please see our clearance section to view goods available for relatively quick delivery.