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Hand inspected quality

Delivering quality for less forms the cornerstone of our business model.

The founders of Delux Deco have been in the furniture business for over ten years manufacturing and importing fine quality furniture from the Far East. We know about furniture, how it should be made, with what materials and how it should be finished or upholstered. We also know how goods need to be packed to reach you safely, every time.

We seek out established and reputable factories, many of which produce goods for some of the leading global brands and established retail players throughout the world. We personally inspect our supplier factories vetting them for quality of materials and production standards and techniques.

Our makers

We don’t just work with any furniture maker, we find only the best companies who have systemised manufacturing processes and rigorous quality control testing.

All the materials used are tested for durability, construction methods are assessed and verified and the finishing process is checked to maintain a consistently high standard.

Finally, the packaging materials are tested to withstand and protect the goods from their journey direct to your door.


All the goods are packaged into the containers by certified and experienced logistics partners to assure they arrive with you in the same condition as when they left our manufactures.

Deluxdeco Ltd has been established since 2011.

The founders have been in retail and the internet business since 1997.