Delivery and installation options

- From £29.95 per delivery

- White glove delivery, includes assembly

- Cinema Seat Installation

- Delivery times

- You've placed an order for made-to-order items - what happens next?

Standard delivery  

We offer a delivery which includes a full installation service for anywhere mainland UK.  

Order Value  Delivery Cost
£0 - £79.99 £29.95
£500-£999 £39.95
£1000-£1499 £59.95
£1500-£1999 £59.95
£2000-£2499 £69.95
£2500-£3499 £79.95
£3500-£4499 £99.95
£4500-£5999 £129.95
£6000-£7999 £159.95
£8000-£8999 £199.95
£9000-£9999 £249.95
£10000-11999 £299.95
£12000-£15999   £349.95
£16000 +  £429.95


- 2 man delivery team and room of choice delivery (1 man if small items)

- One flight of stairs and/or 25 metre traverse with goods

- 3-hour time slot texted to mobile or confirmed by phone at least 3 days in advance of order

- NB: please retain the original packing of your orders to comply with our Free Returns Policy

- includes basic assembly of items and unpacking

IMPORTANT: For any issues at the point of delivery please contact us directly by calling us on 08451283456 or emailing with details. If goods are not able to gain access packaged within a reasonable timeframe then you may need to accept to door delivery. If any potential access issues please choose the platinum delivery option for an upgraded service level. This to mainland UK only. For outsite mainland or other regions please see here.

White Glove delivery

White glove is for any situation where there is more than one flight of stairs or particularly difficult access. This need to be paid per piece/item and in the case of modular sofas per section. All of the above applies but this is an addtional payment to cover the time cost for a non standard delivery. We advise customers to email us about this if they have any doubts on We can then quote the addtional charge.  

- Please retain the original packing of your orders to comply with our Free Returns Policy

NB: We do not remove packaging as standard to protect the statutory rights of our customers and in the unlikely event of a return. The packaging for sofas in particular are extremely large scale and custom sized for each piece. We suggest the minor inconvenience of disposing of the packaging by far outweighs the problems incurred should a return be required, without this packaging.  

If you do wish to have the packaging removed please call us on 0845123456 during delivery where we can assess the situation and ask the delivery team to remove this for you. We are happy to do so.  

IMPORTANT: For any other issues at the point of delivery please contact us directly by calling us on 08451283456 or emailing with details. Problems with access may require you to sign a waiver to indemnify the team against potential damages. Best endeavors and care are taken however please supervise the team in this instance.  

Cinema Seat Installation

This is a specialist set up for Home Cinema seating which is slightly more involved than standard sofa deliveries. These seats tend to be packaged individually and need adjoining together as well as the backrests need fitting as well as some other detailed works. Our team has extensive experience in setting up these seats and are happy to make this an easy and smooth process by taking care of everything necessary so you can begin to enjoy your favourite movies or the big game ASAP.  We would urge you to opt for this if you have rows of seats which need setting up.  

This includes:

2 man Delivery Team and room of choice delivery (1 man if small items)

- Three flights of stairs and/or 50 metre traverse with goods

- Placement in your room, unpacking, adjoining seats in configuration as ordered, mounting the backrests (if applicable), cabling and testing of the seats. 

- Assembly of any sofa legs or connection of sections of items

- Folding of boxes and internal materials (Please retain these until completely happy with your order)

- AM or PM fixed time slot

- Arrangements by telephone or text, 3 days in advance of the final arrival with the customer

- Please retain the original packing of your orders to comply with our Free Returns Policy


Delivery times - Goods arrive within 5 Weeks of "Shipping Update"

Delivery can take anywhere from 2-15 weeks as some items are in stock and some are made to order. Delivery timings are indicated on the product description, delivery tab and any order confirmation. Please refer to the individual items for exact timings. 

How do I know when I will receive the items ? With any order you have an account with us with full information and we also send regular updates. Goods are with you within 5 weeks of shipping for made-to-order items with a 9-15 week timeline. 

For made-to-order items please see the process below. 

You've placed an order for made-to-order items - what happens next?

Once we have your order we will communicate with you as standard by Email and SMS to keep you informed of the latest status and any changes in the ETA of your goods. This is to keep you informed of how your order is progressing however an ETA of the goods arrival is only possible when the status is at "Shipping". Please see below for the various stages of updates you should expect to receive.

If you did not receive the order confirmation email please contact us immediately as it's vital we can communicate with you by email and telephone if required.

Your order status when paid starts off as "Processing". This can last for several days or a week or two ( 1-2 weeks )  and on some occasions a few days more. This is dependent on the available capacity of the relevant manufacturer and the timing of our order cycle. Your order is placed and production is commenced with suppliers as soon as possible.

The next status is "in Production" and this can be 3 - 4 weeks.

From this point, we arrange for goods that are already manufactured to be scheduled into shipments and the status is set to "Ready to Ship". This is sea freight from the far reaches of the world and not to be confused with delivery. This period can be up to 2 weeks.

The most important status is "Shipping" because your goods are now on a confirmed vessel and will arrive with our logistics partner in approximately 4-5 weeks.

The final status is "Delivery" and this can take 2 to 3 days - up to 2 weeks depending on where you are based. It currently takes slightly longer for Northern Ireland, Scotland and more remote parts of Wales, these locations may result in an additional 1 week delivery time. London deliveries are mainly at the weekend.

NB: The above schedule is an estimate and specific timings of some updates may vary. When goods are shipped we advise the ETA as given by the shipping company. This can change during the shipping process because of weather, delayed stop-offs, customs and many reasons which we are not able to control. Please do not be alarmed if the shipping ETA dates vary a few days here and there. This is almost inevitable and we are unable to control this to a + / - 10 day window.

Further at major holiday periods such as Xmas and Chinese New Year ( late Jan-Early Feb ) there may be capacity problems with a small number of orders resulting in potential delays of up to 6 weeks. Any delays whilst regrettable are entirely beyond our control. Any Xmas promised delivery will be honoured of course however those orders placed just immediately after our Xmas deadline may or may not experience delays. 

Please note: Any custom items or configurations may potentially incur additional wait time however this is only in exceptional circumstances.