Customer benefits

Modern Designs

We are passionately dedicated to staying abreast of the furniture industry's latest designs and trends. From sleek 3-seaters to an extensive range of modular, corner, and U-shape configurations, we offer an unparalleled selection. Discover the epitome of modern furniture right here – what's not to like?

Hand Inspected Quality

Delivering quality for less forms the cornerstone of our business model.

The founders of Delux Deco have been in the furniture business for over 15 years manufacturing and importing fine-quality furniture. We know about furniture, how it should be made, with what materials, and how it should be finished or upholstered. We also know how goods need to be packed to reach you safely, every time.

We seek out established and reputable factories, many of which produce goods for some of the leading global brands and established retail players throughout the world. We personally inspect our supplier factories vetting them for quality of materials and production standards and techniques.

Massively reduced prices

Our goods cost less not because they are lower in cost, but because we have cut out all the middlemen and wastage in the traditional sales process.

The vast majority of the end cost of an item is not in fact the cost of the goods, but other costs associated with purchasing, transportation, and retailer margins. Delux Deco has almost no inventory, no stock wastage, no unnecessary shipping costs, and no intermediary costs. We sell online putting our customers directly in contact with manufacturers' selection of products, thereby removing all the non-value added costs. The result is genuine savings of up to 60%.  Visit us or request samples to appreciate the quality and value we are offering. 

Diverse product selection

Our model allows us to offer our customers infinite selections of products and mass customisation options in terms of products fabrics and finishes. Precisely because we don't have to physically hold the stock, we are free to offer a far larger selection of products at reduced prices. 

Customer-friendly web design

We do our best to make our website easy to navigate and most importantly show large product imagery so that in the absence of seeing the item in person, you are able to make the best-informed decision possible. We also display all information possible about the manufacturing methods, materials used, and fabric types, if applicable. We are completely transparent with all the information and we only select factories with the best products available. 


Every aspect of your order is viewable online including its progress from order to production, shipment, and finally delivery to you. This is updated automatically by Delux Deco and our suppliers to provide you with details of the whole process as it unfolds over the order lifespan.

Patience pays

Because we mostly order on-demand, you’re planning and patience is rewarded with fantastic quality goods made to the highest specifications at hugely reduced costs. As with any offer, there is a small drawback of having to wait 2-15 weeks which is not without substantial rewards, up to 60% OFF. Please check the delivery times indicated on the Product description tab below the product page for the relevant delivery time.

14 Day returns policy

Sometimes you get it wrong or sometimes it's not what you expect. That's why we offer a free 7-day returns policy and the ability to return goods for up to 14 days. We hope you will be delighted with your purchase, but if you wish to return the item, we aim to make it as quick and convenient as possible. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, you may return the item as long as the item is in exactly the same condition as when purchased. Cancellations after the 7-day period are at the buyer's expense. For more details, see our Terms & Conditions.

Free fabric samples

We offer free fabric samples and some leather sample sets require a deposit as we send out books of all the leather colours. This is to help colour match or test out the quality of our fabrics. Please see the samples section of our website for available samples.

Customer Service

If something is not clear, if something is not obvious then we haven't done our job as well as it can be done. Please email us on or call us for any advice or help you may need 0845 128 3456. We aim to help you make the right decision or not at all.